Buddha Mushroom Tea Benefits

Buddha Mushroom Tea Benefits

Mushroom tea benefits range from increasing immunity, aiding digestion, supporting heart health and blood sugar regulation as well as fighting depression. Buddha Teas CBD Mushroom Defence Blend contains Chaga Reishi Lion’s Mane Cordyceps to maximize the effects of strengthening natural defenses in the body.

Lion’s-mane mushrooms have been used for centuries to enhance cognition and focus. Continue reading about this functional mushroom that contributes to this delicious tea!


Mussel tea, an increasingly popular beverage, blends adaptogenic mushroom species such as chaga reishi lion’s horn with soothing herbs & spices to maximize benefits. The resultant wellness tea contains powerful immune-boosting, brain enhancing and anti-ageing properties. While the benefits vary depending on the variety and health issue it’s addressing, many varieties are claimed to support healthy digestive function, reduce inflammation, improve heart risk reduction, lower sugar levels, increase your energy, and more.

Buddha Teas was established with spiritual and wellness at its core. Their approach to tea production embraces principles such as simplicity, generosity, and organo gold gourmet black ganoderma coffee compassion to create delectably flavorful teas that nourish body, mind, and spirit – free of GMOs, artificial flavors or preservatives.

The Buddha Teas’ Lion’s Mane Muhroom Tea is one of their best-selling teas. It contains lion’s mushroom powder, organic rooibos and aromatic spearmint leaves, along with zesty lemongrass. Lion’s-mane is known to enhance memory, so this formula also contains Reishi. Cordyceps will give you an energy boost.

Reishi and Lion’s Mane both contain antioxidants that can strengthen the immune system, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds and help protect brain and spinal chord damage from occurring.

This herbal blend features not only lion’s mane and reishi for brain stimulation but also organic rooibos, spearmint leaf, lemongrass and organic anise seed to add further brain-boosting power. This tea provides antioxidants and health benefits such as vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, and potassium without caffeine. It can also be used as a meditation tea to promote better sleep and reduce stress.


Buddha mushrooms tea contains ingredients which have specific characteristics, and together they produce a multitude of benefits.

One of the key ingredients is Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, which are believed to have cognitive enhancing properties and increase productions of nerve growth factor. This stimulates neuron growth.

Chaga mushrooms, which are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, are also an essential component of tea. Their smooth, unique flavor will appeal to tea lovers everywhere!

This blend is flavored with organic ginger root and rooibos. Our blend contains no GMOs or artificial flavors, preservatives or preservatives. It is also free from gluten and milk. We recommend using spring or filtered bottled water to get the best results.


This tea gets its name from a story of compassion. Buddha was moved by the suffering of humanity and shed tears, which have now been transformed into beautiful tea pearls that symbolize empathy and divine connection. Beyond their symbolic meaning, these delicate tea pearls offer a delightful tasting experience. They unfurl while brewing to take your on an aromatic floral voyage!

*Percent daily values are calculated on the basis of a diet consisting 2,000 calories. Your actual daily values can vary depending on your dietary needs and goals.

For best results, use a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel pot and reishi mushroom tea bags fresh, filtered, or spring water. Add one teabag to each cup of boiling water. Cover and let it steep for 3 to 6 minutes.


Mushroom Teas are hot water drinks infused with functional mushroom extracts, either in powdered form or whole form. Some recipe for mushroom tea use black or a green tea blend as the base, while others use other herbal teas. Mushroom Teas are an easy way to include adaptogenic mushrooms in your daily life, while also providing unique flavor profiles.

Reishi fungus tea is a good example. This rare medicinal mushroom, also known as the “Mushrooms of Immortality,” has a long-standing reputation for being a miracle fungus. Reishi is a powerful tonic for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practitioners suggest taking Reishi as part daily routine. Reishi can also be combined with cinnamon and rooibos to reap maximum benefits. This tea blend will also have sweet, nurturing flavours.

Acup of Tea offers a “Mushroom for your Mind” tea that also features the lion’s horn mushroom. This soothing blend of rooibos combines with spearmint, lemongrass, and organic ginseng. It stimulates the mind and provides a refreshing flavor. This stimulating herbal combination makes a delightful tea to start any day right!

Functional tea is available in many forms. To ensure quality, it’s best to choose locally-sourced varieties. This will ensure that the mushrooms are grown in an ideal environment, free from toxic or other contaminants. It is also wise to select teas which only use dried mushrooms and not powdered or ground varieties.

John Boyd, founder of Buddha Teas, found that the selection of teas in the US was lacking in diversity and purity when compared to what he had grown up with back home. This led him to found his company, which produces healthy organic teas that also taste deliciously. This resulted in creating a range of healthy organic pure teas which not only meet these criteria, but are delicious too.

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