Dad Reveals How He Helped His 6 Year Old Learn To Read In 2 Weeks

🙋‍ Clifford (name changed), a dad of two, aged 6 and 4 years is a very happy man. And he is proud of his family especially his kids.

But this was not the case three months ago.

You see…

Like every caring parent, he wants what is best for his children. He knows that the best legacy to give them is a good education.

He knows that the early years are the foundation of learning and it must be rock solid.

This was what he kept emphasizing to the previous school of his child. HIS CHILD STILL CAN’T READ. 💔💔💔

He was told to be patient and that every child learns at their own pace even though the child had spent some years with them and the fees of the school is really expensive.

Let me quickly add here that as a matter of fact, every child is unique and learns in his or her own way.

An even greater truth is that every teacher is unique. 

That is why Elevado Schools🏫🏫 continually trains her staff every term (sometimes twice a term) so that their teaching methods and skills will be effective, fun for the learners, develop the child’s emotional, social, and intellectual skills, irrespective of the child’s learning style or background.

And that is the problem!

He had been patient for years and he’s almost starting to see his child as below average💔. A thought he hated!

He had endured enough. His patience had run out and decided to take drastic action.


Even though schools had resumed and it was third term, he approached Elevado Schools🏫🏫 located at 3, Westend road, off Airport road, Effurun, Delta State and had the child admitted immediately. 

He tasked the school to deliver saying that his child is unique and considers him a slow learner.

This kid was taken to his teacher (Mrs. Elila) and she was informed of his need.
She drafted a special plan to meet his needs and help him catch up with the rest of the learners.


In two weeks, we received a call from the dad. His voice couldn’t hold back his jubilation and the pride he now feels. 

He told us that his boy is reading now. 

Not only is he reading but his interest in learning has greatly increased and he is seeing improvements in every aspects of his child.

He was so excited that when he came to the school, he gave Mrs. Elila (his child’s teacher) five thousand naira (N5,000) as a token of his appreciation.

He said that he told his friends and co-parents of the former school and they faulted him for not informing them to make the switch too.


This is not a one-off, singular experience enjoyed by this excited and appreciative dad. 

Each week, we are honoured and humbled to receive thank you messages from appreciative dads and moms.

Here are some.

👩‍Mrs. Edith Igbogidi wrote:

“I’m really impressed. In fact, I am happy because my son writes on his own and does his assignments immediately he comes back from school by himself. ‘Bravo.’ Thank you very much Miss Patience (Class teacher). God bless you and God bless Elevado School.” – Kid in Nursery 1

👩‍Mrs. Edafejoma O. Joyce wrote:

“I am seeing a tremendous improvement in Jerrick. Thanks for the great interest. Jerrick’s teacher is also friendly. I love the classroom.” – Nursery 1

👩‍ Mrs. Dorothy wrote:

“I love the fact that she (her daughter) can identify the numbers and sounds very well. And also she loves to write.” – Early Step Pearls.

💑 Mr. & Mrs. Abogbonwa wrote:

“I have come to realize that Elevado Schools is really a school for those parents who think nothing good can come out from his/her child. The teachers are really doing a great work here and I commend their efforts. All they need to do is to keep the fire burning because the flag of Elevado School will always go up and never come down in Jesus name. Amen.”

👩‍Mrs. Okiemute Shola wrote:

“The school is really doing a great work. I’m so impressed with the school. My children are doing wonderfully well. God bless and keep the director for her effort so far. Well done Madam.”

One parent was so passionate that when a visiting parent came to make enquiry about admission recently, before we started speaking, the parent started explaining to her all that her kid and others have benefit from Elevado schools and urged the parent to enroll her child immediately.

Of course, you want the same results for your child. We want the same too.

That is why we make sure that
✔️ Our environment is always clean, safe, and conducive for learning without distraction

✔️ We have facilities and equipment to aid learning and make it fun

✔️ Ensure your kid is healthy that is why we have a Government Certified Trained nurse as a full time staff

✔️ Ensure safety of each child with our security measures and personnel in place

✔️ We keep training our staff to be more effective so that they can train your child as their own and develop them on the three domains of learning, namely the Cognitive, Psychomotor, and Affective

Why not visit us at 🏫 Elevado Schools, 3, Westend junction, off Airport road, Effurun, Uvwie, Delta State to see for yourself. 



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