Welcome to Elevado School

We are building learner's academic, social and emotional skills and help prepare them for the fast changing world.

Creche, Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Day School

Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing the Nigerian child with tools and strategies to learn in a well prepared environment that will enable him or her fit into the Global society.


To foster an environment of collaboration, innovation, exploration, inspiration, nurturing and transforming our learners, in order to achieve our goals of building the Nigerian child


Our curriculum is a hybrid one, Nigerian British integrated. The aim is to nurture children that are globally accepted.

Our story

A warm welcome to Elevado School

We are committed to nurture your child in all aspect. 

To achieve this, we have structured our curriculum and learning activities to help your child see how subjects are both independent and interdependent.

He will see the big picture of his learning, make connections across different subjects, and talk about a topic from multiple perspectives.

This means that your child understands why it’s important to learn, what it is that he’s learning and reflect on where he is in the learning process.

Our approach help your child focuses on a combination of knowledge, skills and understanding.
This is because, no one can properly predict the nature of work and life opportunities that will be available for our children by the time they are adults.
Many of the jobs or businesses they will have don’t yet exist; especially in the fields of ICT, technology and science.

So our skills-based approach, developing adaptable and resilient globally-minded learners, prepared for the fast-changing world that they’ll be living and working in.

Our Core Values

Our values centres around the following: Excellence, Love, Etiquette, Value, Accountability, Dedication, Organization.


Why Choose Us

Dedicated Staff

Our well trained and certified staff constantly evaluate our learners progress and abilities and adjust learning approach accordingly. We plan a program of study that meets each learner's needs, interests, and abilities.


What our parents say

Great school. Thank you for impacting so much knowledge to the kids. God bless Elevado. We are glad we made the right decision.
Chioma Chegwe Osugo
“I have come to realize that Elevado Schools is really a school for those parents who think nothing good can come out from his/her child. The teachers are really doing a great work here and I commend their efforts. All they need to do is to keep the fire burning because the flag of Elevado School will always go up and never come down in Jesus name. Amen.”
A parent praising Elevado School for its good work
Abogbanwa Toritseju Terry
Transferring our two kids to Elevado school was the best decision I and my wife took September last year and we are ever grateful to the staff and proprietress of this great school. Keep the good work going.
Edafejoma Ekokotu Remet